Defender of Bingo - Maintaining Game Integrity

I am Captain Bingo


The Story

Many years ago, Brookside Resort was tormented by a nefarious Bingo Bandit which ruined the relaxing resort vacation Bingo game vibe. Hope was lost until a surprise visit from the legendary Captain Bingo! Families cheered knowing they could complete their games of Black Out in peace.

While Bingo Bandits continue to troll the region, Captain Bingo now has an able bodied reinforcement named Corporal Bingo Ball!


The zen of family Bingo can only occur when there is harmony between the balls and cards.

Debbie Dauber – Brookside Resort guest


Who are the superheroes who make certain that the families vacationing at Brookside Resort can enjoy a safe evening of Bingo? Meet these two courageous, mysterious and mostly humble defenders of Bingo.

Captain Bingo

Bingo is life and no one understands that better than Captain Bingo. Nothing is more pure than a beautiful game of Bingo with friends and family. At times, the Captain is discouraged by those who refuse to follow the strict guidelines of the IABP (International Association of Bingo Players). His pet peeve? those who think Postage Stamp is a legitimate game.

Corporal Bingo Ball

Bingo should be fun and uncomplicated; like life! Corporal Bingo Ball embraces the simplicity of a single ball deciding the victor. He jokes about being responsible for only 75 balls, however, you shouldn’t underestimate his lighthearted manner. The Corporal brings the muscle when it is time to clear the Brookside deck of party-crashing Bingo Bandits.


Some Fun Facts

Though generally not included on a BuzzFeed list, upvoted on Reddit or interviewed by the Huffington Post, below are some tidbits of information on these two Brookside Resort heroes.


Games defended


 Bandits wrestled


 Malts consumed


 Selfies taken




Color the Captain

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Color a picture of Captain Bingo and bring him to the Brookside Resort lodge for a free ice cream cone!


Connect with Brookside and our Superheroes

Captain Bingo and Corporal Bingo Ball rarely give interviews and have only given their personal endorsement to one Minnesota resort. That resort is, of course, Brookside Resort.


You Can Quote Me!

Have a good week and keep playin’ Bingo!

Captain Bingo

Vacation Worth Defending

In between games of Bingo, our guests experience all the richness of a Minnesota family vacation. Browse some images below.


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